Selena Gomez fans 'round the world rejoice! The singer and actress may be coming to a town near you in the new future!

How do we know? Well, it all started when a huge Selena fan named Mio from Hong Kong reached out to the singer via "I’m a really really really big fan of Selena. She’s amazing, inspirational. I love her," said Mio to the mag. "Selena is very important to me because her music makes me smile. It makes me forget about my problems, my worries.”

So when the site got their chance to interview Ms. Gomez, they made sure to let her know about the super fan, and in a video, the star turns to the camera and addresses the young girl. "Hi Mio. Thank you very much for your little letter, that was very sweet. Thank you for being a fan.”

Being that Mio is from Hong Kong, asked if Gomez had any plans to travel their anytime soon, to which she replied saying that she might, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

“I hope so, that would be amazing. I want to do a lot of traveling," said Gomez said. She added, slightly under her breath: "I might to do a world tour next year so maybe!”

Keep your eyes peeled, SG fans! She literally may be coming to a city near you!

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Hit the Lights' Video

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