Selena Gomez can make the stars dance, love someone like a love song stuck on repe-pe-pe-pe-peat and go an entire year without rain, but don't bother trying to make her keep her hands to herself — or, really, her mouth.

The Petra Collins-directed music video for the singer's latest single, "Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane)," arrived on Wednesday afternoon (Jul. 26), and one thing's for damn sure: the "Come & Get It" pop princess has an insatiable oral fixation.

Eyelash curlers? Bars of soap? Twine? Lipstick? You name it: she wants her lips and/or tongue wrapped around whatever you can find sitting around the house. She just cannot get enough.

SelGo's also quite fond of self-destruction, smashing her groceries around the kitchen, writhing around in a frosty freezer room and even sitting down for a candlelit dinner table as water pours down from ceiling above. (Evidently, that year without rain ended a long time ago.)

Like the uncomfortable and somewhat voyeuristic Spotify exclusive video for "Bad Liar," there's a tension to the visual, enshrouded in a Virgin Suicides-like dreamy suburban dreariness (or maybe even the eerie opening of Dawn of the Dead), which makes Selena's most recent era her most aesthetically intriguing by far.

Wherever she's going with this, here's hoping Selena keeps pushing it further: it's weird, and it's working.

Selena Gomez Through the Years:

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