I'll admit that I'm a little bias about this topic because I am more of a single player gamer but I want to talk about Grand Theft Auto V's online. It is fun don't get me wrong but it definitely got its problems.

To start it is one of the most laggy online games I've played. Other games I've played might have lag every now and then but for the most part they do pretty well. On GTA you have things like where it seems you went into the near future. An example would be you are driving down the street and you will crash into a car and a second later you are a block down the road even though you just crashed.

The biggest issue I have is how if you want to be successful in the game you have to treat it like a job. You buy an office and become a CEO of course you have bills in the game which is neat but also the bills come out when your game system isn't on. That is the worse part so basically you lose a couple thousand grand when you are sleeping. Considering most people that play this game are adults, they don't have time to play this game everyday. If you manage to get to a point where you have several million that isn't so bad but starting out it makes things quite difficult. Especially since it usually takes $1,000,000 to be a CEO in the first place.

The next issue after becoming a CEO, unless you managed to get 1.5 mil, you can't do any CEO missions. To do CEO missions you have to buy warehouses and the cheapest warehouse is at least 360,000. So you want to save a lot of money first to get to a point where making money is easier.

The last thing I want to mention is it is incredibly hard to make money on your own. I know that the whole point is to play with other people but let's just say you want to get online and make a little money by yourself. You can't unless you are lucky enough to be a CEO and have a warehouse. Despite that, it is still a fun game online just wish it were less annoying.



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