In many of the articles I write, I have shown you images that are hard to explain. Photos of ghostly images that don't appear when the photos are being taken, but later when the photo is viewed.

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Most of the images are shocking and intriguing, always drawing you in for a closer look. I can say that with most, if not all of them, I have never had a terrifying feeling when I look at them. I feel like the spirits are just caught on camera or video as they move about amongst us. With no intent of harm, they seem to exist in a kind of altered reality. But this security camera screenshot and the story behind it might be the most frightening yet.

I corresponded with Alcestis, the woman in the screenshot, about the image that was captured by her security camera.

 It Was Friday, October, 1st at 8:15 a.m.

...this photo was snapped by my ADT security system. My husband discovered it Sunday night while looking at the system monitor. I heard him go “Hooooooly sh%&” and when I asked what it was, he was like “Uh… okay, come see.” And, there it was, this 7ish foot figure standing behind me, that looked like the physical embodiment of death. 

Alcestis Malone/Facebook
Alcestis Malone/Facebook
Alcestis Malone/Facebook
Alcestis Malone/Facebook

Was There Something There?

Weird things have happened around here that I can't really explain, but I've never actually SEEN anything. Nothing was there at the time as far as I knew. It's pretty unnerving though, knowing that something like that could be lurking around in the morning light! That's the last time you'd ever expect to come face to face with something like this. What would you even do? Apologize for wetting yourself then offer coffee? I'm a tea drinker myself. It's much too early for this, sir.

Mind Starts Racing's still extremely shocking to me to see this picture. Part of me wanted to call ADT to see if it was a prank, but that makes absolutely no sense. And I don't know if this is how it works, but I can't help but wonder if this is somehow connected to my unusually poor health the last couple of months. I'm generally a very healthy person... but that guy doesn't really seem good for ANYONE'S health. Either way, everyone has been advising that we get in contact with a spiritual leader for help cleansing our home. We've got a variety of connections now thanks to some friends.

Photo Gave Me Chills

When I saw this photo in one of my Facebook groups, it literally gave me a sick feeling. I thought the same thing as she did, the Grim Reaper. I was filled with anxiety and dread.

How Do I Explain This Photo?

Usually, when I write about a photo of an unexplained image, like a ghost, I try to find an alternative reason the image may have shown up. With this photo, I can't. Maybe it's because of how I felt when I looked at it. At a closer look, I wanted to see a tall man in a hoodie. But, I never could focus in on anything like that. The more I looked the worse I felt.

This Isn't The First Time Something Strange Has Happened

Since Alcestis' family moved into the house in August, many strange things have occurred. She shared those with me too. I'll share more soon.


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