A new scam is making its way into e-mail inbox's around the world. The e-mails contain a link that is supposedly to a Google Document, but in reality is a phishing scam attempting to steal your password and access you personal information.

The scam is fairly sophisticated, somehow making its way past most spam filters, and appearing legit. I received one earlier today.

(Townsquare Media)
(Townsquare Media)

I don't know a Kevin Kollins, however I get a ton of e-mail every day from people I don't know. When you work for a company like Townsquare Media that has over 300 stations across the country, it's not unusual to get a business-related e-mail from someone you don't know personally.

What made me suspicious about this message was the e-mail address on the "To" line. My e-mail address isn't "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com." Who would have an e-mail address like that anyway? How would you remember how many "h's" you typed when you set it up?

Anyway, I digress.

From what I understand, clicking the box marked "Open in Docs," won't take you a Google Document, instead it will infest your computer with malware hackers can use to access your personal info and steal your identity.

If you receive an e-mail similar to the one above, DELETE IT! If it's from someone you think you may know, try contacting that person by phone, or through a separate e-mail to verify they indeed sent it.

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