Daylight Saving (not Savings) Time begins March 8th, but some people like myself wonder if it is still necessary or even helpful? Daylight Saving Time began as an attempt to maximize the daylight hours during the winter months. But some parts of the country, even some parts of Indiana don't participate in daylight saving time and they seem to be getting along just fine.

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President Trump argued for a permanent daylight saving time, essentially eliminating the "fall back" of clocks in November. This would mean the United States stays on summer hours all year round. Some states, including Hawaii and most of Arizona, do not observe daylight saving time at all.

When I was at USI, a friend and co-worker on the college radio station name Andrew Bolin (what's up Bolin) used to commute between time zones, round trip every day. He would gain an hour on his morning trip, but lose an hour during his home trip. I used to think that had one of the most confusing and annoying things to put up with. I never understood how part of a state can be on one time and the other part on another.

In this 24-hour, instant access age we live in now, I think DST is obsolete. Having different time ZONES is enough without have to figure out if your is a Daylight Saving Zone.

What do you think? Is Daylight Saving Time Still Necessary? Cast your vote in our poll.

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