UPDATE (4/23/2021): EXPIRED - THIS PROGRAM IS NO LONGER OFFERED.  You can purchase a Nest system right here.

Vectren is offering homeowners (and renters if quailified) the opportunity to swap out your old thermostats for new NEST Smart thermostats as part of their new Smart Energy Assessment and Weatherization program. If you already have a qualifying Nest Smart Thermostat installed, Vectren is offering a $75 dollar rebate on your bill.

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According to their website, energy "assessments are open to customers with Vectren electric service whose homes also use Vectren service as the primary heat source, are more than five years old and have not participated in an assessment in the last three years.

As part of the assessment, an energy efficiency technician will perform a walkthrough to understand how your home and appliances use energy, and you may even receive energy-saving products on the spot! Upon completion of the assessment, the technician will give you a personalized home energy report with an action plan for additional energy-saving efforts for your home."

When the tech from A+ Derr Heating and Cooling came to the house, he explained everything about the Smart Energy program and how the new thermostats will help save money. He even showed my how to change the air filter on my main heating unit which previously I had no idea how to do. And the new thermostats actually look pretty cool.

So if you're interested in upgrading your thermostats and making your home more energy efficient, visit www.vectren.com/savings and find out if you qualify.

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