With the Evansville Community Job Fair coming up, a lot of people are going to be looking for a new job or a new career. Some will be looking because they are just not happy with their current job, while some are looking because their old job will no longer exist.

As times change and technology continues to make leaps and bounds, more and more jobs will be become obsolete. I remember the first job I lost due to a technology upgrade as a check scanner for a bank in Chicago. Back then, checks had to be manually inspected before they were fed into the processing machine. But thanks to improved scanning and more advance counterfeit prevention techniques, that position became obsolete.

Here are 5 other jobs that no longer exist in 2020:

  1. Switchboard Operator - Before the age of touch-tone dialing (I know its hard to imaging for some of you) to make a phone call, you had to pick up the phone receiver (google it) and ask the operator on the other end to connect you with a number like KLONDIKE-5555. The lady would answer with a nasally "hold on please", switch around some connectors on a console and manually re-direct your call.
  2. VCR Repairman - I remember passing by stores as a kid that had VCR's stacked as tall as I was waiting to be repaired. VCR's were so expensive that buying one was like a lifetime investment. Today with everything either being streamed, and blu-ray players being so cheap now, it's easier to just buy another one.
  3. Elevator Operator - Some high-end apartment buildings still have doormen and valets, but the days of the elevator operator are long gone. Imagine having to stay in a confined space for a  least 8 hours a day, going up and down, watching people pretend like they don't know who just cut that fart!
  4. Bowling Pin Setter - Rounds of bowling used to take a lot longer because you had to wait for the guy in the back to gather up all the pins that were knocked down, manually re-position the remaining pins, retrieve the bowling ball, and manage not to get hit by some bad bowlers gutter balls.
  5. Lector - This was the predecessor to my job. Instead of being able to turn on a radio at work an listen to a jock like me, most warehouses and assembly plants would hire a person to read stories and news articles to the workers on the line LIVE on the factory floor.

Can you think of any other jobs that no longer exist in 2020? Leave your answers in the comment box and I'll read the results during the show!

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