A hamburger topped with a hot dog, resting on top of a bed of potato chips? God Bless America.

Somewhere along the line, while everyone else was trying to figure out how cater to a society that wanted healthier menu options, Hardee's threw both middle fingers in the air and decided to cater to the crowd that favored taste over health. A quick glance over the burger portion of their menu illustrates that. There are burgers topped with deep-fried jalapeno peppers, and burgers topped with what appears to be nearly a whole slab of bacon. If you're not a calorie-counter, Hardee's is the place for you.

It should be noted that they do have some healthy, low-carb items on the menu, if that's you're thing (it's not mine, not until a doctor tells me it needs to be anyway).

Their most recent concoction, "The Most American Thickburger", looks like it was cooked up in a super-secret government lab hidden deep below the Washington Monument by scientists who wear red, white, and blue lab coats, because 'Murica.

Available in half, third, and quarter pounds, they nestled a hamburger patty in between a hot dog split down the middle and a handful of regular potato chips along with the standard burger fare of lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

The question is, "how does it taste?" It's a question I was more than happy to answer.

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