Drawing a little inspiration from the recent "Shot on an iPhone" TV commercials from Apple, I decided to get a little artsy with a couple of videos I shot while on vacation in St. Augustine, Florida last week.

My family and I noticed after high tide each day, the ocean would leave behind little troughs and ditches in the sand, each of which filled with water left behind by Mother Nature. As we were walking along the beach one late afternoon, I was mesmerized by how clear the water was in each pocket, and how pronounced the grooves in the sand were along the bottom of each. It was really pretty, and how amazing this rock we live on can be.

As the ocean breeze blew through, it created ripples in the one of puddles that were almost hypnotic. Luckily I had my phone in my pocket, so I decided to shoot some video using the Slow Motion feature in my iPhone's camera app to see how it turned out. (SPOILER ALERT! Not too bad if I do say so myself.)

Make sure the volume isn't muted on your device before pressing PLAY.

The slow motion made it look so tranquil, so I threw in the type of music you'd hear while getting a massage at a spa during editing.

I shot one more video during our stroll. This time the water was a little more shallow causing tinier waves than in the video above, but I noticed when I stepped in the puddle, the ripple effect caused by my foot looked really cool. It's looks even cooler in slow motion.

Again, make sure the volume on your device isn't muted before you hit PLAY.

I also made sure to take plenty of pictures from our trip which included a visit to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. You can check those out here.


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