Fireworks are pretty awesome. Fireworks in slow motion are pretty awesomer.

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, there are still plenty of fireworks being shot into the night sky thanks to Indiana state laws that allow fireworks to be shot off year round. While I enjoy a good fireworks show (Evansville's display this year was fantastic in my opinion), after awhile once you've seen one firework, you've seen them all. They go up, they go "boom", they're pretty for about five seconds, then they're done. That is if you're watching them in real time. Watching them in slow motion, well that's adds a whole new dimension.

Meet Jeremiah Warren, a photographer, videographer, and social media marketer from Dallas, Texas who's YouTube channel includes videos depicting what it would like if Earth were invaded by the aliens of Space Invaders, to a recap of 2012 through the eyes of Twitter, and one simply called "Dub Step Goat".

Warren created the video below using the same bullet time concept first made popular in the Matrix films, only on a much smaller scale. In a process explained on his official website, Warren used one camera essentially glued to a stick which was attached to a ceiling fan above his head. The film makers of The Matrix used multiple cameras mounted to round frame. But they're Hollywood, and they can afford to do that.

Then end result is impressive. Watching the various fireworks shooting off into the distance and explode into their bright and colorful bursts is somehow more enjoyable in slow-mo.

It should be noted that I personally don't recommend holding fireworks in your hands as they shoot off into the distance, even if you are wearing leather work gloves and a flannel shirt as Warren is doing. I also don't recommend doing it in a wooded area where I would think the potential for fire is far greater than in a parking lot. With that in mind, let me say this just so I feel better, kids (and adults) DO NOT try this at home. 



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