You absolutely HAVE TO see Maddie try VR for the first time!


A new business popped up recently at Eastland Mall here in Evansville that had The Rob and Maddie intrigued.  It's called "Skillz VR Arcade." It's exactly as it sounds, it's essentially an "arcade" made up of games you need to wear a virtual reality helmet for!  When we heard about this, we HAD to go try it out and learn more!


Dustin was more than happy to answer all of our questions and even try a few games out for ourselves!  When you watch the video below, make sure you stick around and see Maddie's reaction.  The Rob has been playing in virtual reality for a few years now with his PlayStation 4's P.S.V.R., but this is Maddie's VERY FIRST time donning the helmet, and it's HYSTERICAL!


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