Ahhh spring. It's so lovely to drive in my neighborhood and see the green grass and trees and flowers. And my dog loves to go outside and play but I have noticed he's been extremely itchy all over and even does this weird honking thing at night sometimes.

My previous dog had the same issues and since I had him for over 17 years, the internet wasn't as much of a thing so I just would rub his back until it would go away. I thought he had dog asthma. But, it's actually called reverse sneezing. Much like a human sneeze forces air through our nasal cavities to force out particles, a backward sneeze is caused by irritants and the dog is pushing air through to force out whatever is irritating it.

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The American Kennel Club says it's not dangerous and no actual treatment is needed. But if you want to soothe your dog, they explain, "a common remedy is to hold the dog’s nostrils closed for a second and lightly massage its throat to calm him." They also suggest lightly blowing in their face to help the dog swallow a few times.

It should go away on its own. If it becomes too much of an issue, you should see your vet as it could be a more serious trachea collapse or allergy that requires medication. Also, remember that many essential oils are dangerous for pets, and make sure you use only pet-safe cleaners in your home.

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