Did you know that your kids can score free goodies for earning good grades, perfect attendance, and receiving an award? Here is a list of places in the area and what they will give to your awesome kid!

Rewards for Good Report Cards

**All promotions subject to change per business discretion.**

Chuck E Cheese
Cold Stone Creamery
  • Free Kid’s Ice Cream with one scoop mix-in with A and B Honor Roll
CMOE (Children's Museum of Evansville)
  • $1 off for every A (or S) up to full admission price (Students in grades 6 and under)
 Dairy Queen
  • Free Small Blizzard for Perfect Attendance per year
  • A Free Mini Blizzard for Straight As
Elite Air Newburgh
  • $1.00 off admission for each A - max $5 off jump ticket
Fired Up
  • Free kid's studio fee ($5) for students who earn all As and Bs
 Family Video
  • Free Movie Rental per A (Only in the month of June)
Gatti Town
  •  Bring your current report card to GattiTown within two weeks of receiving it and earn FREE GAME PLAY to reward your hard work! Valid for grades K-5.
    • All As gets each student $5 in game play!
    • Bs and Better gets each student $3 in game play!
  • Free regular cupcake if student earns all As and Bs
GD Ritzy’s
  • Kindergarten, Jr. Scoop of Ice Cream
  • 1 A = Medium flavored soft drink
  • 2 As = Single Scoop of Ice Cream
  • 3 As = Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Hot Dog
  • 4 As = Double Scoop of Ice Cream
Krispy Kreme
  • One donut per A up to 6 Donuts
Milk and Sugar Scoop Shop
  • Free small scoop for students who earn all As and Bs
Secret Headquarters
  • Two hour free play for students who earn A honor roll, one hour free play for students who earn B honor roll
Snickerdoodle Art
  • $5 off the purchase of a 11x14 canvas for A, B report cards
Walther’s Golf-N-Fun
  • One free round of mini-golf
 Wayback Burgers


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