The most watched show on Netflix over the weekend was without a doubt, the much anticipated "Haunting of Bly Manor". One thing about the show that people might find interesting is the little girl who played "Flora" is actually well known with your children.

"The Haunting of Bly Manor" is the follow up to Netfilx's hit "The Haunting of Hill House". The show creators announced that this is an anthology series which is why season 2 has a different title, story and characters. There will be no narrative link between Bly Manor and Hill House. However, several actors from Hill House returned to play different characters in Bly Manor.

One new actress to the show that really had a major role in the story was Amelie Bea Smith who played "Flora". The character of Flora was a little eerie. Without giving any spoilers, there's something not right about her and you don't quite figure out what is going on until later in the series. As an actress, she was really "quite splendid" in the show. As I watched the show, I kept thinking that I recognized that little girl who played Flora. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but once I did a little research, I was surprised to find out where I knew her from.

As it turns out, Amelie Bea Smith has a very famous voice, especially among kids. Parents might be surprise to find out that the little girl in Bly Manor who was somewhat creepy at times, is also the voice of one of the most popular characters on children's TV...Peppa Pig!

That's right, she is the girl who voices Peppa Pig. Are you as shocked as I was when I found out? The kids might over hear you watching Bly Manor in another room and hear her voice thinking you are watching their favorite show, but I can assure you that "The Haunting of Bly Manor" is FAR from "Peppa Pig"!

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