Earlier this morning, the Oscar nominations were announced.  And without getting into ALL of the nominations, it was a good morning to be Rami Malek or a part of the movie Black Panther.


I'm sure this is news to nobody, but of course Rami Malek, who portrayed the enigmatic Freddie Mercury in the beloved Bohemian Rhapsody, studied and graduated from the University of Evansville!  While I didn't love the movie in its entirety, I came out of the film RAVING about Malek's performance!


I am obviously not the only one.  Malek's portrayal of Mercury landed him a Golden Globe earlier this month, and now a nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.  He's up against Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, and Viggo Mortenson.


Lady GaGa has also picked up a nomination for Best Perfomance by an Actress in a Leading Role.  You can check out the full list of nominees HERE!



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