Evansville's first "cat cafe" is still a few weeks away from opening, but a few of it's primary residents will be moving into their new, hopefully temporary, home next Thursday, June 22nd!

As mentioned in the Facebook post above, River Kitty Cafe is set for a July opening on the corner of 3rd Street and the Main Street Walkway, giving cat lovers the opportunity to stop by, enjoy a cup of coffee, and enjoy the companionship of felines from the Vanderburgh Humane Society looking for their forever home.

The cafe will be split into two rooms, the first of which will be a normal cafe setting with chairs and tables where patrons can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee along with a variety of pastries. The second room will be the main attraction, and likely the favorite of visitors; the RK (which I presume stands for "River Kitty") Room will serve as the (again, hopefully) temporary home for the cats. Here the animals will roam free, playing or sitting on the various cat-themed toys, tubes, boxes, etc.

Tables and chairs will also be available in this room for patrons to sit and enjoy their coffee while interacting with the animals. And the best part, all the cats will be adoptable! So, if there's a particular cat that catches your fancy, you can start the adoption process at the cafe!

For more information on the cafe, and for regular updates on construction, visit River Kitty Cafe on Facebook.

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