The one thing that always sticks out to me when my family and I attend the annual Hadi Shrine Circus (as we did once again over the Thanksgiving Holiday), is the flare the performers throw in after each "amazing feat" of their show. This got me thinking, "what if everyone did that at their job?"

There's one juggler in particular each year who really exaggerates the motions. Upon completing his trick, he takes one step up, puts a big smile on his face, tilts his head back slightly, and snaps his arms out with a crispness that I have yet to see replicated. In his defense, if I just finished juggling four flaming torches without setting myself on fire, I'd add a little pizzazz to the end of my set too.

Using him as inspiration, and with the help of my boy Bobby G, from our sister-station, 103GBF, I decided to add some flare to my day.

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