hadi shrine circus

Hadi Shrine Circus Tickets Go On Sale Nov 5th
Yes, the Hadi Shrine Circus has dazzled both the young and old in the tri-state since 1933. Hadi Temple is quite rightly proud of the show’s long history. They now have third and fourth generation families that are coming to see the circus – it’s good, wholesome…
Sing the National Anthem
The Hadi Shrine Circus returns to Evansville's Ford Center on Thanksgiving weekend again this year, and we want to find 8 talented singers to kick off each show by singing the National Anthem.
Each singer will perform before a designated performance of the circus November 28th -December 1st with…
Putting Circus Flare Into Everyday Routines [VIDEO]
The one thing that always sticks out to me when my family and I attend the annual Hadi Shrine Circus (as we did once again over the Thanksgiving Holiday), is the flare the performers throw in after each "amazing feat" of their show. This got me thinking, "what if everyone …
Circus Anthem Singers Revealed
Several extremely talented people entered, but only eight will stand before a crowd at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville and belt out our National Anthem before a performance of the 79th annual Hadi Shrine Circus Thanksgiving Weekend.