Dig into a famous Wet Burrito, or kick back a few delicious margaritas after work, and help Keep Evansville Beautiful keep our city clean!

The popular Dine Out / Give Back campaign at Hacienda on First Avenue in Evansville continues on Tuesday, September 24th. To participate, simply click the Give Back certificate below to print out your own copy (and share with your friends, of course), then present it to your server when you order. 20% of the day's total transactions will be donated to Keep Evansville Beautiful (KEB).

No time to eat? Grab a gift card for yourself to use later, or as a gift for someone you know (Christmas isn't too far away, you know), and 20% of that purchase will also go to KEB.

Hacienda - Keep Evansville Beautiful Dine Out, Give Back Certificate



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