The sneak peeks for 'Pretty Little Liars' upcoming episode 'Cover for Me' (4x22) are here and based on these videos this is sure to be an explosive one! New loves, recovered memories and confrontations? What more could you want?

Keep on reading to find out what is in store for our Liars next week.

In the first sneak peek (see above) Aria has fled her issues with Ezra by going to Syracuse University where she meets a new man (guest star Nick Roux from 'Jane By Design') who she skips her college tour to go hang out with.

Spencer also begins to get her memories back from the night Ali disappeared (see below) after we learn that she's been given help to deal with her prescription medication problems. Told you she would get her memories back this episode.

Perhaps the most anticipatory scene however is the sneak peek in which Emily goes to class and confronts Ezra, throwing some major sass at him with the line, "There’s an assignment due today, but I won’t be staying for the class. Will you make sure a real teacher gets this?"

Oh Ezra, you're going to need some extra-strength aloe for that burn.

All of this of course just makes us even more excited about the Season Four finale 'A is for Answers,' which executive producer Marlene King teased:

You can hold off your excitement with the remainder of the promos below and catch 'PLL' on Tuesday, March 4 at 8PM ET on ABC Family.

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