Thank you for casting your vote in the Heather Morris Nude Pic poll.  It's curious how may people didn't even KNOW who Heather Morris was, let alone why her nudie pics mattered!

Check out the results to see how many people agree with YOU!



According to the poll:

  • 46% of you believed that the photos were leaked INTENTIONALLY as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the show GLEE!
  • only 27% thought they were actually STOLEN and leaked out to the internet
  • 18% didn't even know who Heather Morris WAS!

It seems as if I'm not alone in my opinion of how "conveniently" these kind of pics and video get released! When a show is on it's last leg, or some celebrity needs to get their name back into circulation, nudity of some kind seems to be the way to go!


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