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Have You Ever Been In A Car Accident? [POLL Results]
I don't know if this a good thing that I'm not alone, or a bad thing that there are so many BAD drivers out there, but an overwhelming majority of you have been in an accident one way or another! Whether if it was your fault or not!
Truth is, a lot of us drive with too many distractions tha…
POLL RESULTS – Is John Travolta Gay?
The people have spoken and the results are in! According the poll, over 57% believe the rumors about John Travolta being gay, with the other 42% say it MIGHT be! WOW! Was I the ONLY only who thought it might not be true? First Will Smi...
Purity Bear Poll Results
According to the results from yesterday's Purity Bear Poll, an OVERWHELMING 100% said that you felt that the commercial sent the right message to girls about guys and pre-marital sex. Which leads me believe that there are a LOT of women out there getting tossed away like old pizza boxes!