Candy Canes, except for peppermint, are a holiday treat that we all look forward to. I hate peppermint, but I love me some Jolly Ranchers or Life Savers flavors. I've even used them to decorate my Christmas tree.

I remember when basic peppermint flavored candy canes started to morph into other flavors. Although, they were different, they were other candy flavors, still sweet and delicious. But, that's definitely changed. Thanks to a company that prides itself on being weird.

The company Archie McPhee has developed a line of totally bizarre and completely distrusting candy canes. These things will make your stomach turn. Yes, normally, as regular foods,most of them are delicious, but not as candy canes.

One of their crazy candy offerings are pizza flavored canes. I can't bring myself to use the word candy when describing pizza canes. I love pizza, some would say, a little too much. But, I just can't see myself sitting on the couch in front of my Christmas tree, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, sipping on some hot chocolate with marshmallows and sucking on a pizza cane. Nope.

I really thought this was a 2020 prank, but it’s not. You can actually order this and even more weird flavored candy canes online. The company, Archie McPhee, also sells sells gag gifts and other gross treats. Isn’t that an oxymoron...gross treats?

Even some of my friends who are obsessed with bacon, would think the bacon candy canes are repulsive. I even know some health freaks, like my husband, who would gag at the thought of a kale candy cane.

I started thinking about how much I LOVE mac-n-cheese. I would eat it for every mean if I could. But, walking around, sucking on a mac-n-cheese candy cane or chewing up crunchy, hard candy pieces of a mac-n-cheese candy cane, makes me gag.

These crazy canes (I just can’t call them candy) would really make funny gifts for those that  really deserve a gag gift this Christmas. Can you say Dirty Santa?

I guess these CANES are the new COAL for the bad boys and girls. Order you least favorite, (see what I did there?!?), HERE.

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