Achieve 3000 is a student-centered interactive reading program that identifies each student’s reading (Lexile) level and offers them a tremendous variety of high-interest, non-fiction articles.  The articles are a foundation on which we can increase each student’s fluency, comprehension, and reading ability. In addition, the students write about the articles and are encouraged to voice their opinions about many current events.  Another plus that the students really enjoy is that they compete with others in their school, state, and nationally to win a variety of prizes.  The best part is, it doesn’t matter if they are the top reader or a struggling reader, just that they put in the most effort!  Each year, our 6th graders and a few of our 7th and 8th graders are furnished with an Achieve “license” by the EVSC.  Typically, nearly all of those students see excellent growth in their reading ability, some growing as much as four grade levels.

Because the teachers and administrators at Perry Heights believe in the Achieve program and are certain that each and every student can benefit from it, they are holding an “Achieve License Drive” in an effort to secure the funds to purchase licenses for every student who does not already have one.  Unfortunately, that number is nearly 200 students.  Each Achieve license costs $30 and will give the students access to the program for an entire year. If you'd like to sponsor Achieve for a student, please send checks to Perry Heights Middle School - 5800 Hogue Rd. Evansville, IN, 47712. Questions may be directed to Ms. Katelyn Kaiser.

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