So far, my attempt at growing a beard for No Shave November is going according to plan, meaning poorly. I'll admit, there was a moment or two over the past few days where I considered giving up on the whole thing because the results have left me looking like an alcoholic drifter, but then I heard these words from Nick Offerman and my sense of purpose was renewed.

As I said from the get-go, I am fighting an uphill battle against genetics when it comes to growing facial hair. I've heard and tried everything from shaving every day for a week then letting it go as if I was going to somehow force my body to try and keep up with my ridiculous shave schedule by growing hair fuller and faster, to shaving against the grain presumably as another method by which to pull the wool over testosterone's eyes. Point being, you name it, I've tried it in an effort to try and grow some decent facial hair. Not because I want to be cool (OK, maybe a little), but more because I just wanted to see what it will look like.

Granted the whole point of No Shave November is not to find out whether or not I look good with facial hair, but to raise awareness and help fund treatment for male-exclusive cancers such as testicular and prostate. It's the same concept behind Movember. The difference between the two is that Movember allows you to shave everything but the mustache, No Shave November on the other hand is pretty self-explanatory I would think.

Regardless of which activity a guy chooses to participate in, I know I'm not alone in my plight to grow respectable facial hair. Thanks to Park and Recreation star Nick Offerman, who sports one of the best mustaches in facial hair history, I'm now confident that even though there may be times where the effort seems hopeless, I need to keep my chin up because things will get better.