If you have a lot of left over Halloween candy that you didn't pass out or your kid didn't eat this year, why not enjoy it with a little wine?

Halloween is coming up this weekend. By now, the kids already have their costumes picked out and are very eager to put them on to go trick or treating. They will come home with a ridiculous amount of candy that they likely will never eat. Not only that, but you'll probably have a lot of left over candy at your house that you didn't pass out to trick or treaters. It happens every year.

What do you do with that extra candy? Do you let it go to waste, bring it into work for people to enjoy, or do you simply eat it yourself?

If you are going to be trying to eat all of that left over Halloween candy, you might as well enjoy it with a nice glass of wine. As you know, there are several wine varieties out there that pair well with different foods. Halloween candies are no exception. But do you know which wines go best with certain types of Halloween candies?

Now, I am not a huge wine drinker, but I know that we have so many wine fans out there who would be interesting in making eating Halloween candy a little more enjoyable. Using pairing ideas from Shape and Bright Cellars, we have put together a gallery of popular Halloween candies and what wine pairs with them best. Take a look for yourself and enjoy!

Which Wine To Pair With Different Halloween Candy

Pair some of that leftover Halloween candy with the proper wine this year. Here's which wine goes best with popular Halloween candies.

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