As a doodle owner, I am quite biased about their amazing abilities.  As I was doing my midday scroll through Facebook yesterday afternoon one particular pup video caught my eye and I had to share it with you all.

Meet JoJo the Labradoodle.  She is two-years-old and adores their neighbors, Ross and Jill Leigh.  They are the owners of JoJo's dog friends that she loves to play with and the family always jokes that Ross is her BFF because he calls for her if he is outside or whistles for her.   In fact, she loves the neighbors so much if she is outside with the Martin's and wants to go across the street she will look at them and wait for them to say "OK" and she will literally run across the street sit at their front door and wait for them to answer so she can hang out.

The family took advantage of this sweet friendship today when Greg wanted Oatmeal Cookies and as they began to make them realized they were one egg short.  They texted their neighbors and asked if they had one they could have.  They're constantly borrowing utensils from one another.  The Leigh's said "come on over and get an egg"  Elaine jokingly said "I'll send JoJo over with a backpack"  The funny thing is SHE REALLY DID IT!  JoJo however, got a little sidetracked wanting to sniff and visit her dear friends.

Someone call Harrison Ford we have a dog to add to the cast of Call of the Wild 2.

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