Before I go any further with this article, please know that you are reading the words of a big child. I am a 45-year-old man with the sense of humor of a middle schooler. Keep that in mind, and the content of this story should come as no surprise.

Now that I've set the stage, let me say that there are a few things in life that I will ALWAYS find funny (or at least I hope so). For example, I think farts are funny - every time. I think references to pooh are funny - things like "number two" and "duty" always make me giggle and I have to point them out...ask my wife, she'll confirm that I still do that. I also can't help but laugh out loud every time I see a dog pooping - it's just never NOT funny.

Having said that, this article and video don't have anything to do with any kind of bodily functions - it does, however, have to do with a dog that absolutely cracked me up. As soon as I saw the hula hooping dog below, I busted out laughing, and knew I had to write about it. So, start by watching the clip to see the 'hilarious' part of the story, then I'll follow it up with what makes it 'heartbreaking.'

When I started writing this article, I wanted to try and find a better, higher quality version of the video, maybe somewhere on YouTube. A quick 'hula hoop dog' search led me to the video below, and that's when I got sad. I had to change course, and instead of writing an article about a ridiculously talented dog, I have to write about the fraud perpetrated against me. How sad was I to learn that the dog isn't hula hooping at all?! It's just a dog dry-humping the air (for some reason), along with some nifty visual effects! Is it still funny? YES. Do I also feel betrayed and deceived? YES.

For the record, my wife shared this video with me (I told you she knows my sense of humor), so I will just blame her.

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