Luttrell Farms in Ohio County celebrated a huge milestone this week.  They have been hosting Ohio County Ag Days for 25 years teaching kids all about a variety of all things Agriculture.

Ag Days are a partnership between Luttrell Farms and the 4-H Extension Office of Ohio County.  Angel here and I have been visiting Ag Days for four years now.  On my first visit to the farm, I snuggled a little piggy.  Ok, so I didn't exactly snuggle him it was more like I chased him and picked him up and he squealed very loudly until I put him back down.

4th Graders have the opportunity to do all the following:

  1. The Food Journey from Farm to Table:  They learn about various fruits and vegetables and how important they are to our health.
  2. Soybeans:  Kids learn about how soybeans are grown and how good they are for you.
  3. ATV/Lawn Mower/Tractor Safety:  Vehicles are put on display and the students learn safety while operating each one.
  4. Soil Erosion:  The soil erosion station shows how important using conservation methods are for today's farmers.
  5. Trees:  Learning about the many uses of trees.
  6. Bees & Honey YUM:  A buzzing talk about bees and how they are so valuable to our society.
  7. Grain Safety:  Helping kids understand that grain bins are not a safe place to play and how very dangerous they are.
  8. All the Chicks:  Perdue farms talks about all things poultry and what a baby chick needs to grow.
  9. Petting Zoo:  The kids get to meet a cow, horses, goats, and two sweet piggies.
  10. Farm Toys:  Luttrell Farms has over 1 million dollars of modern & antique farm equipment.
  11. Electrical Safety:  All about the dangers of electricity.

I had a great time visiting Ag Days and hanging out with Farmer Luttrell.  You better believe when the time comes next year I will be making the drive to visit Luttrell Farms.

Luttrell Farms Hosts 25th Annual Ohio County Ag Days


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