Before I tell you about the amazing Noel, I want to start by thanking everybody who has been sharing these posts or going to meet the animals we feature in these videos.  IT'S WORKING!  Whenever we post videos like this, the animals seem to find good loving homes within a few days!  So, THANK YOU, and please share our latest story.


Meet Noel.  She is incredibly sweet, loving, and playful!  She's a one-year-old Shepard/Hound mix who has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than any other dog there!  She's been there since before Christmas!  This poor thing has been without a family for more than three months...  And she's SO SWEET!


Let's not let this poor girl go any longer without a loving family.  If you're interested in meeting Noel, she's at the Warrick Humane Society about a mile and a half past Castle High School on Vann Rd. in Newburgh.  Tell your friends about the amazing Noel!


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