Most action and suspense movies usually star a sarcastic, tough-talking character, with a mysterious past, spitting out corny catch phrases ... not MUTE! Without saying a single word, Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) always manages to get his point across!

MUTE is action/suspense/thriller about an Amish man name Leo, who lost his ability to speak in a boating accident. Instead of taking little Leo to the hospital to get the reconstructive surgery, his hyper-religious parents left it up to GOD to decide if Leo would speak again.

Leo moves to the big, futuristic city when he grows up, gets caught up in the seedy underbelly, and falls in love with a girl with a very sketchy past that seems to have caught up with her. When she goes missing, Leo goes on a mission to find her, without saying a word!

Definitely add MUTE to your NETFLIX and Chill playlist!

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