When the original Angry Birds app came out, everyone was all excited, playing it constantly on their iPhones! I thought it was just a fad and would soon die out...BOY was I wrong! I'm not usually the type to try something just because everybody ELSE has (and also because I didn't HAVE a smartphone at the time)!

Now that I have a smartphone, I decided to give Angry Birds a try. The newest installment is Angry Birds SPACE. It's the same concept of shooting the pigs with the Angry Bird head, but with a nice gravitational spin on it (pun intended)!

This version takes place in outer space, and you have to compensate for the gravitational pull of the planets when launching your birds at the pigs. There's even a video at the Google Play store that has an Astro-physicist giving the tutorial.

If you're an Angry Bird fan or even if you've never played before, this game is very challenging, simple, and ADDICTIVE! Download it now!