We've all been taught about the Buddy System to help keep us safe in unusual or new situations and places, but what do you do when you don't have a physical buddy to go along with you? Meet Kitestring.

Businesswoman holding cell phone
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Kitestring is a new FREE app for your smartphone for "safety, with strings attached." It is your own personal safety net for a blind date or a late night walk or any other situation you may find yourself in where letting someone know if you've arrived safely could mean your safety.

Here's how Kitestring works.

It’s a safecall service. Start a trip on Kitestring (either on the website or via SMS), and we’ll text you later to make sure you’re okay. Reply to the message (or check in on the website) and all is well. If you don’t check in, we’ll alert a list of emergency contacts that you set up ahead of time. Of course, you can always extend your ETA or check in early.


The possibilities with an app like this are endless for a mom, daughter, student... You get the idea. This app could literally save you in a sticky situation.

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