Well, at least now we know where Nicki Minaj's "Girls" are at! They're hanging out of the top of her shirt! In case you missed it, Nicki performed on ABC's Good Morning America this morning and during a lot of bouncing and dancing to 'Where Them Girls At,' her left nip, well... slipped. Oooops!

Wait! No big deal right? Network Television has a delay in place, ESPECIALLY after the Janet Jackson incident at the Super Bowl a few years back. Yeah... That delay only works if someone CATCHES the Ooopsy and hits the appropriate button, and you guessed it. Nobody caught it. Unless you count the thousands of viewers that were watching in their living rooms in real-time on the east coast. Luckily the broadcasts in all of the other timezones were edited accordingly.

Check out the TMZ report, because of course they were all over this story!