"I like knowing now that I've given my kids the dad they deserve."

Jacob Kiper, of Owensboro, had a pretty amazing and validating morning.  Good Morning America featured Jacob's Weight Watchers journey, which has helped him lose an astounding 130 pounds.

Jacob, who is a therapist at Matthew 25 AIDS Services, started with Weight Watchers after his wife, Holly, had success with the program.  Jacob says Holly considered the program a "manageable and sustainable lifestyle."  So, on January 14th, 2018, Jacob decided to make the lifestyle change as well and he embarked on his own Weight Watchers journey.

Jacob's success was almost instant.  In the first seven months with the program, Jacob lost an amazing 100 pounds.  To date, he has lost thirty more and recently posted the side-by-side photos above to his Facebook page.

Through Weight Watchers, Jacob was contacted by a producer from Good Morning America.  In honor of Father's Day, GMA is doing a series about weight loss and fatherhood.  Naturally, Jacob seemed like a perfect person to profile.  He's had a successful weight loss journey and is the proud father of two!

And Weight Watchers has completely changed Jacob's life- not just appearance, but his health.  Earlier this month, Jacob shared some results from recent blood tests, which showed significant improvements in his cholesterol levels. He said, "Part of the reason why I joined WW was because my wife was scared I’d die young of a heart attack... leaving her alone to raise our two young kids. I like knowing I’ve greatly reduced the chances of a heart attack. I should be around for a long time to annoy my wife and be a dad to my kids."

To hear GMA Digital's interview with Jacob and learn more about his incredible weight loss journey and how it has reshaped his life, CLICK HERE.

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