Introducing, Skyrush.

Personally, I was never a fan of roller coasters growing up. A fear of heights and going upside down was never really my cup of tea. That was until I went to Disney World with my family during spring break my freshman year in high school and took a ride on Space Mountain. That's when it all clicked. Knowing I was securely strapped in allowed me to enjoy the thrill of the ride. Since then, I've ridden Batman: The Ride at Six Flags St. Louis, The Beast at King's Island in Cincinnati, and countless others. Of course, a trip to Holiday World isn't complete until I ride The Voyage.

I still see some coasters during those "most extreme rides" shows on Travel Channel or wherever that don't appeal to me in the slightest. Coasters like Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio featured on an episode of Bert the Conqueror will not find my behind in any of the seats.

However, I would be willing to try the new Skyrush at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The 63-second ride features an open seats opposed to a closed car like the traditional coaster. Riders in the outside seats of each row experience the entire ride with their feet dangling in the air while riders on the inside seats have the comfort of being able to put their feet down on base of the train.

As you'll see in the video below, Good Morning America's Cameron Mathison had the chance to take a spin on the ride which starts with a 50-degree incline before plummeting down an 85-degree decent and reaching speeds over 75 miles per hour.

Where does the line start?

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