On July 1, 2020, a new law will will be in effect in Indiana that restricts drivers from holding or operating their cell phones or other electronic devices while the vehicle is in motion.

That's pretty cut and dry. Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Ringle says that "the use of a cell phone while driving increases your chance of getting into a crash by 400%." That is a pretty steep number.

There are a few exceptions to this new law:

  • Devices may be use via a hands free or voice operate technology
  • Devices can be used or held to make a 911 call to report an emergency.
  • Amateur radio equipment may be used by a licensed amateur radio operator.
  • CB radios can be used in vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds

Indiana State Police Sgt. Stephen Wheels did offer a few suggestions for folks ahead of the law being enforced on July 1st:

1) The preference is do not use your phone
when you drive.

2) Use the vehicle manufacturer installed
hands-free system.

3) Place the device in a vehicle mount.

4) Utilize an aftermarket Bluetooth device to
connect the device to your vehicle.

5) Utilize an auxiliary cable.

6) Utilize a cassette adapter for older vehicles.

7) Utilize a single earphone equipped with a

This new law will come into effect in July, however any tickets issued as a result of this law will not result in points toward a driver's license suspension until July of 2021.

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Drivers might want to start looking into hands-free devices ahead of this bill coming into effect. Some cars already come equipped with Bluetooth technology for hands-free cell phone use. Others will want to purchase a Bluetooth device like the ones below.

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