Evansville At Two Hundred is filled with pictures and facts from our founding in 1812 as a small river town, to our current standing as the epicenter of the tri-state area.

Broken down into 12 chapters across 125 pages, each focused on a decade or two of the city's history, the book is a fascinating look at how life was lived in the early days of the city with photos of our riverfront when it was nothing more than a handful of houses (a few of which are still standing today) to newspaper clippings from the Evansville Gazette including an announcement stating that stage coach service was being offered from Evansville to Princeton to Vincennes and back again for $3.50 per person.

Also included is an interesting chapter on the city's involvement in World War II. While it notes that approximately 6,000 men and women actually served in the war, several businesses in town held military contracts that made every thing from LST warships and plane parts to small caliber munitions for the war effort. The latter of which made us the largest producer in the U.S.

If you fancy yourself a history buff, or just like seeing how things worked before the internet and smartphone age where everything is available at literally the touch of a few buttons, pick up a copy of Evansville At Two Hundred at the following locations: