Though their split seemed to start amicably, within the past week Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce has taken a turn for the dramatic. One particular matter of contention for the former couple is said to be Brand’s upcoming third ‘Booky Wook’ memoir. Sources have said that Brand may discuss his marital strife in the tome — but one aspect of it in particular has Perry terrified.

What doesn’t the girl who shoots fireworks and whipped cream out of her boobs not want the public to know?

Hollywood Life reveals that a huge issue between Brand and Perry was Perry’s partying. Brand, a former addict, is sober and a bit of a homebody. Perry, is, well, the antithesis of that.

A source claims that Perry is petrified that Brand, whose books are notoriously candid, will include anecdotes indicating “just how hard she parties.” The source says that Perry doesn’t want her conservative Christian parents, who are former addicts themselves, to know “just how far she’s strayed from the beaten path.”

Perry’s partying was never swept under the rug much to begin with — her No. 1 hit ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ is an ode to the beauties of binge drinking. Unless there’s something more sinister that the pair hasn’t yet revealed, we think we can chalk the breakup to distance, scheduling conflicts and the ever convenient “irreconcilable differences.”

Plus, Brand’s reps have shot down reports at a new memoir altogether … For now. It looks like we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we wish the pair the best as they move forward.

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