The end of 2012 brings with it the end of Evansville's 200th birthday celebration. A local video created earlier this year, gives us a chance to see how our city has grown and changed since its inception in the early 1800's.

I've lived in Evansville my entire life, which as of this past November is only 36 of the 200 years the city has existed. When I was born in 1976 at Welborn Hospital, Evansville was only 164. Practically a pup, no doubt going through that awkward stage where its riverfront  was growing and its roots getting deeper while hoping that Henderson would ask it to prom.

I often get asked by people why I haven't packed up an left, which is a common occurrence in my profession. I give the same answer every time, because I like it here. This is home. My family and friends are here. I have two kids of my own now that I don't want to uproot and move out of town. As far as my career goes, everything I've wanted to do in this business has happened here, and in this day and age of technology there are more opportunity's to branch out without having to pack up and move away.

What I like about Evansville is that it's just enough "big city" to have the entertainment, shopping, and general lifestyle options I want, yet still laid back. Unless something crazy has happened on the Lloyd Expressway, I can get to either the east or west side in about 15-20 minutes from my house on the north side of town. The 5 o'clock rush means I may sit in traffic for an extra 10 minutes instead of an extra two hours. I can drive myself wherever I want to go. I don't have to "take the subway" or the "L-Train" (or whatever they call it). See what I'm getting at? It's cozy here.

The video below was made earlier this year by YouTube user, 1968toddcarter and features a collection of photos from the city's early days in 1812, when downtown was all there was to Evansville, to the present day with the colors of restaurant signs, billboards, and modern day architecture.

It's a fun video to watch and see if you recognize any of the buildings and facilities that are still standing today. You may even learn a thing or two. Did you know that JFK gave a speech on the steps of the Old Courthouse in 1960? Me either. Until I saw this video. Color me educated!