Netflix is no stranger to putting out binge worthy docuseries, but Tiger King, is a whole other level of bananas.

If you've seen people posting photos of a mullet rocking man with a tiger on your Facebook, there's a reason for that.  That man is Joe Exotic and he's the star of the recent Netflix docuseries 'Tiger King,' that has everyone talking. The reason for that is because it's like nothing you've ever seen before.

My husband and I popped on Netflix Saturday evening and watched 4 episodes back to back. Woke up Sunday and watched episode 5, we couldn't stop! This show has everything.

It has:

  • Tigers
  • Cults
  • Missing person
  • Murder for hire
  • More tigers
  • Polygamy
  • Really bad country songs (like comically bad)
  • Guns
  • Explosions
  • A man who rides an elephant around his neighborhood
  • Internet drama
  • Drugs
  • Arson
  • A mullet
  • A millionaire who comes out of nowhere
  • Tigers in casinos
  • An unsavory eyebrow ring hanging on for dear life

And that's all in the first 5 episodes (I haven't even watched 6 and 7 yet). The series is seriously bananas.  Kat and I were discussing how we've never seen anything like this.  It has more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan flick.  I DO NOT recommend watching this with young ones around, but I highly recommend watching it when you get the chance. It's the distraction we all need from COVID-19.

So in conclusion, thank you Netflix for bringing us exactly what we needed in these scary times.  Oh and let's all do better about protecting big cats from these people.

Check out the Tiger King trailer below, and happy binge watching!

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