Life hacking seems to be all the rage these days with people figuring out ways to make difficult tasks easier, usually by using a completely unrelated item. For example, making use of empty toilet paper tubes by keeping your various charging cords inside them (it works!). While my personal life hack may not be for everyone, it makes my day to day routine easier.

As I was on my way to the studio the other day, our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley Sollars made a comment about how she thought it was cute that I carry around a little "man bag" with me.

For starters, it's not a "man bag" or "murse", or whatever cute name you want to give it. Technically, it's a travel bag designed to carry a man's shaving necessities and other toiletries when he heads out of town. It was given to me as a thank you gift from Deaconess Hospital after participating in the 2012 edition of No Shave November.

As I have made abundantly clear time and time again, thanks to genetics, shaving is something I only need to do about twice a week. So anytime a trip out of town is in order, I make a point to shave the day I'm scheduled to leave knowing that will last me until I get back home.

So instead of being an ungrateful turd, and return the gift they so generously gave me, I decided to make better use out of it for me by storing my headphones in it. In the radio world, headphones are a sacred thing among on-air talent. We spend our own money on them after finding the pair that fit and sound best, and most of us are not willing to share them with other people (the ear pads tend to get sweaty when you wear them for a while). Prices range from as little as $20, upward to several hundred, or even a few thousand dollars. The latter of which I assumed are used by musicians and music producers who need crystal clear audio quality. I bought mine for around $40 on Amazon. They're comfortable and they sound good, so like any investment, I want to them to last so I keep them protected, hence the reason I "life hacked" the travel bag, and turned it into a carrying case, and NOT a "man bag".

Do have any unconventional, yet nifty tricks to make routine tasks easier? Share them in the comments below, and I'll post them here on the site in the near future.

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