Where is the most expensive place to stay the night in Indiana? We've found it!

Historic Mansion

Ever wondered what a $3,000+ a night stay looks like? Yeah. Me either, but I'm glad I check it out anyway. It's beautiful!!! I originally was looking for places in Evansville on AirBNB. I found one lone listing for an apartment in the Historic District. At a mere $140 a night, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for to share here. I wanted the biggest, most expensive place I could find. I expanded my search to all of Indiana, and I think I hit the jackpot! Behold!!! For only $3,350 a night you can stay in this beautiful, fully furnished mansion in New Albany, Indiana! With 11 beds in 9 bedrooms there is room for 16 guests. There is also a private parking and a heated pool, plus a parlor, dining room, huge kitchen and 5.5 bathrooms. Right on the Kentucky border near Louisville, this would be the perfect place to stay during the Kentucky Derby! There is a 2 day minimum stay, so with taxes, fees, cleaning charges, etc you're looking at ponying up $7,250 for you two night stay.


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Historic mansion for Derby 2016

New Albany, IN, United States

Sleeps up to 20, or spacious for a smaller, more intimate group. Up to 9 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, 11 or more beds, various sofas, piano, parlor, dining room, huge kitchen, heated pool, private park...

Vacation Home Rentals in New Albany

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