Kentucky Derby

Monica’s Twist on Derby Hats
Derby hats are so fun, I actually think it's the most interesting part of the Kentucky Derby..but anyway.  If you get the chance to go, or got to a derby party with your friends I've thought of a way to surely get some glances your way.
Check Out the Crazy Kentucky Oaks Fashion
I'm here at the Kentucky Oaks in Louisville, Kentucky and I've got to tell you - the fashion is amazing. I love seeing these beautiful hats and wish we could wear them year round! Okay maybe not...  Check out our gallery from the fashion show and some of the amazing creativity that we…
How to Make Your Own Kentucky Derby Hat
Whether you are headed to Louisville this Saturday or are attending a world-famous Derby party right here in the tri-state, you'll need an awesome hat. Here's a tutorial on how to make your own with $20 in supplies.
You'll need:

A hat
silk flowers
feathers (optional)
glue gun
floral wire

A bi…