Derby hats are so fun, I actually think it's the most interesting part of the Kentucky Derby..but anyway.  If you get the chance to go, or got to a derby party with your friends I've thought of a way to surely get some glances your way.

The element of making anything memorable is that it has to be different/unique.  Sometimes that means you have to think outside the box a little.  If I were going to the derby I would definitely scour some dollar general stores for the most ridiculous items I could find.  Here's a list of hats you could try

1.  Huge candy derby hat.  Nothing by candy.  You could either glue each individual candy on, or devise a way to make small bowls on your hat for snacking throughout the day.

2.  Stuffed animals derby hat.  It's like Lady Gaga's ridiculous dress, but hat version.

3.  School/office supply hat.  I'm sure pencils are very much needed at the derby, so you'll quickly become a popular friend.  (you could also up charge each pencil to sell to people in need)

4.  Mirror hat.  Image the glares (literally) you'd get from this one??? This sun would make you sparkle and everyone's eyes would be drawn to you.

5.  Or you could just make a really fancy one......

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