Oh, look. It's Miley Cyrus, trying to be sexy and shocking again.

In a new teaser for her latest single, 'Adore You,' Cyrus writhes around alone on a bed and sticks her hand down her pants. Because, you know, masturbation is edgy and urban, you guys! The footage is shot in black and white, so instead of turning anyone (other than the world's biggest creeps) on, it seems voyeuristic and somewhat violating.

The video will premiere on Dec. 26 (this Thursday), so if you're into that sort of thing, congrats! You got a belated Christmas gift. For the rest of us? We just got ... well, more of what Cyrus has been dishing out for the last year.

In a previous teaser, Cyrus was under a sheet in her bra and undies but not really doing anything she thinks the world would consider scandalous. She may want to stick with that, because that's the most shocking thing she could do: Stop trying so hard and just be.

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