If you didn't get by the headline my favorite commercial of the Super Bowl this year was definitely a Budweiser commercial.  Something about those beautiful Clydesdales just pull at your heart strings.  They're so iconic and gorgeous.  Well this Budweiser commercial was my favorite of the Super Bowl this year, and turns out they need YOUR help naming one of the Clydesdales!


This commercial starts out with a 7-day old Clydesdale foal and it shows his handler raising him and training him, to the point where he then becomes one of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales!  Then the commercial shows 3-years later and the trainer sees that the horses are coming to Chicago, so he goes to the parade to hopefully catch a glimpse of his old friend.  He does, and the horse doesn't acknowledge him.  As the guy is walking to his car the clydesdale comes running up to say hey to an old friend! It's just so sweet and not gonna lie, I may have had to hide a tear or two...

Also the foal in the beginning of the comercial was actually 7-days old when the recordning of the commercial took place and Budweiser wants your help naming him! How cool would that be to be able to name one of the Budweiser Clydesdales?! Iff you have a name for the little guy tweet Budweiser and use the hashtag #Clydesdale

Which commercial was your favorite this year? I also thought Dodge did a great job with their farmer commercial.

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