If you're like some of us around here, you mostly watch the Super Bowl for the hilarious commercials and the awesome new movie trailers. But there's one you won't be seeing on TV: Scarlett Johansson's Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream, which was banned from airing during the upcoming game. 

Nope -- calm down, guys, it wasn't because it's too sexy. It's because ScarJo name drops the competition, and that's just a little too risque for the commercial industry, apparently.

The star of the upcoming 'Avengers 2' took a break from her busy schedule to help promote SodaStream, which offers a healthier alternative to all those pesky sodas filled with syrups and sugars, and she does so with her signature, sultry ScarJo flare. The commercial is informative and cheeky: as an actress who plays a superhero, it's Johansson's job to help save the world, which means saving us from making bad choices about the stuff we put in our bodies.

But then she kicks it up a notch, disrobing to reveal a sexy but sensible little dress to help really seal the deal, and adding, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." That little jab was just too much, though -- can't go around name-dropping the competitors without their permission, SodaStream. So while you can't see this ad on Super Bowl Sunday, it will live forever (or at least for now) on the Internet. Thanks, Internet!

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