I know every week, Maddie and I team up with the Warrick Humane Society and introduce you to a Pet of the Week and try to find them a forever home.  This article is NOT a Pet of the Week...  This one is special.


This is Tate.  Tate is kind of a big boy, he's a coon dog and he's got a good bit of energy, although he is known to calm down after he gets used to his surroundings.  I wanted to do a special profile on Tate because Tate has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than ANYBODY else.


He's been at WHS for over three months.  He's a REALLY good boy!  You'll be able to tell from the video that he loves to play, he's very friendly, and he likes people.  If you'd like to meet Tate, he's at the Warrick Humane Society, on Vann Rd. in Newburgh!



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